Kathryn before she started using Isagenix
Kathryn before
Kathryn after using Isagenix
Kathryn after

“Before trying this nutritional system I was exhausted, stressed and living with constant brain fog. I believed that my healthy balanced diet was giving me all the nutrition I needed, but I was really struggling with my health and unable to do the exercise I wanted to do. I couldn’t be the mum, wife, daughter or friend I wanted to be.

Kathryn continues: “When I was introduced to these products I was 99% certain they wouldn’t work. I don’t like milkshakes and as I love food I was sure they wouldn’t fill me up. I certainly didn’t think I’d lose any weight! However, I was desperate for more energy and I’d got to a point where I was willing to give virtually anything a go! I knew there was a 30 day product guarantee so Mark and I decided that we had nothing to lose by giving it a go. We were massive sceptics so were pretty sure we’d be getting our money back at the end of the 30 days!

However, within days I started to feel different. The brain fog started to lift, my energy increased. I started to be able to walk further and faster. It was as if a switch had been flicked. And I loved it! I loved the taste and convenience of the shakes, and the weight started to drop off me.

Almost 3 years later, I’m still loving these products every single day. I’ve lost over 3 stone in weight. My energy and fitness levels have gone through the roof. Now I’ve got my health back, I love to train at the gym – I want to stay strong and fit. My children have their mum back, Mark has his wife back, and I have my social life back!”


Jon before using Isagenix
Jon before
Jon after using Isagenix
Jon after

Before Isagenix I weighed 21 stone (294 lbs) . I was totally unfit and suffered with soreness in my joints. I was extremely sceptical at first, but I’d tried lots of other diets and failed! In the space of just a few months I lost 8 stone (112 lbs), which I’ve managed to maintain over the past two years using the maintenance program. But it’s not just weight loss – within days I felt full of energy and the soreness in my joints disappeared.

Jon continues: “The Isagenix community is one of a kind, the support you get is priceless. Not only did I lose all the weight, but it has given me my life and self confidence back, brought so many new friends into my life and also found me love.”


Lara before she started using Isagenix
Lara before
Lara after

As a nurse I absolutely love the convenience of this system. The delicious meal replacement smoothies have been an absolute game changer for my long shifts, keeping me mentally focused and alert which is imperative when being responsible for patients.

The energy I have is amazing and I will never come off these products. I mean, why would I?!





I’ve been using the Isagenix products for five and a half years and as a golf professional they have supported my healthy lifestyle on and off the course. I’ve found that getting lean was simpler and less stressful through the simplicity of this lifestyle. This has meant I have more time to focus on other areas of my life.

Danny continues: “With a healthy diet, hard work and using an array of the Isagenix Energy and performance products Isagenix have to offer, I’ve been able to completely transform my body and become an IsaBody finalist”


Helen before using Isagenix
Helen before
Helen after using Isagenix
Helen after


Paula before using Isagenix
Paula before
Paula after using Isagenix
Paula after